Hiring a Piano Movers and how much should you tip

Hiring piano movers and how much should you tip

  • If you’re a piano player and are getting ready to move homes, one of the most daunting tasks to undertake is the job of moving your instrument. Although you might feel brave enough to tackle it on your own, it’s best to hire a professional team of piano movers such as APIKA USA MOVING to ensure the job is done right. Successfully moving a piano is about more than just managing the instrument’s size — you typically also have to dismantle it to a degree, which can prove challenging if you’re a novice. Plus you need to have the right equipment and the ability to navigate obstacles such as stairs, bend, tight corners and doorways.  If you do hire a piano moving service like with many other services, it’s appropriate to tip your piano movers if you feel they’ve met or exceeded your expectations. Here’s how much to consider tipping.
  • The General Rule
  • Piano moving companies often stress that tipping is entirely optional and up to the discretion of the customer. However, tipping between $20 and $40 is a suitable range if you’re pleased with the care shown by the movers. It’s appropriate to ask the moving company when you call to book the service if it allows its movers to accept tips
  • .Considerations Within The Range
  • The generally accepted range of $20 to $40 allows you to consider not only your budget but also the care shown by the piano movers during their visit. It’s always a sign of proper etiquette to tip a little more generously if you feel the team went above and beyond the call of duty to protect your instrument. Although the exact tip amount you give is entirely a matter of your discretion, consider tipping closer to the $40 mark if the movers were friendly, worked quickly but not in a rushed manner and took clear steps to protect your home from accidental damage. You can also consider the layout of your home and difficulty of the move; if the piano needed to travel up a set of stairs, for example, tipping is one way to show your gratitude.
  • Giving The Tip
  • It’s best to have enough cash on hand to allow you to tip in this manner, as companies such as piano movers might not be able to add tips to your invoice. The Emily Post Institute recommends being discreet when you tip — you don’t need to make a big deal about giving the cash at the conclusion of the move. Simply meeting the movers before they leave, verbally expressing your thanks and handing them the cash is the best approach.

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