How Much Does a Piano Weigh?

Moving is a big job, and often quite literally. Some items in your home are inherently going to be tougher—and heavier—to move than others, and pianos are definitely in that group. If you’ve got one to move, then it’s important to factor questions like “how much does piano weigh?” into your planning, particularly if you’re going back and forth on whether you should move it yourself or hire APIKA USA professional moving company to do the job.

You can’t just stick your piano on a scale, but you can get a general idea of how much a piano weighs by looking at the average weights for popular piano styles and brands. Here’s what to know.

How much does a piano weigh?

The average piano weighs just over 750 pounds, with some larger models coming in around 1,400 pounds and some smaller models at around 300 pounds.

All that weight is partly attributable to a piano’s size, as well as the fact that a piano has about 12,000 parts—including not just interior strings (of which there are usually 220 to 240) but heavier parts like a lid, rim, prop stick, and pedals. And since you can’t exactly take a piano apart and put it back together again just for your move, you’ll have to figure out a way to move everything at once.

With such a huge variance in size, it might be helpful to delve a bit deeper piano weights by style and brand. Here’s how different varieties compare, according to data pulled from Keyboard Kraze.

Average piano weight by style:

  • Upright piano – 300 to 500 pounds
  • Baby grand piano – 500 to 650 pounds
  • Grand piano – 700 to 1,200 pounds

Average piano weight by brand:

  • Steinway & Sons Model 1098 – 480 pounds
  • Yamaha P22 – 490 pounds
  • Young Chang 121 – 496 pounds
  • Kawai K300 – 500 pounds
  • Baldwin BH-122 – 542 pounds
  • Bösendorfer 130 – 582 pounds
  • Steinway & Sons Model K-52 – 600 pounds

Grand and Baby Grand

  • Steinway Model S – 540 pounds
  • Young Chang Y185 – 671 pounds
  • Yamaha C3 Studio – 705 pounds
  • Steinway & Sons Model B – 760 pounds
  • Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano – 990 pounds
  • Mason & Hamlin Artist Grand Piano BB – 1,090 pounds
  • Mason & Hamlin CC – 1,399 pounds

When it comes to answering the question of “how much does a piano weigh?” it’s a good idea to factor in the specifics above instead of just making an assumption based on your piano’s appearance. You may also want to do some research on the weight of your specific piano brand and style, including taking a look through the manufacturer’s booklet if you have it available.

Tips for moving a piano

One major takeaway from the information above on how much a piano weighs: pianos are incredibly heavy—even the smallest ones.

Our best advice for moving a piano safely is to call in our pros, a company that has experience moving large and expensive musical instruments. This goes double if your piano is an antique, since you definitely wouldn’t want to risk any damage in packing or transport.