Moving Any of These 5 Expensive Things? Consider Professional Movers.

Moving antiques

We’re all about saving on moving costs, but sometimes you need to splurge if you want a job done right. Enter luxury APIKA USA Moving company, which specialize in packing  and transporting your most valuable possessions. While a luxury moving company certainly isn’t a necessity for all moves, there are times when you’re definitely better off spending the money. It is better to hire luxury moving company if you have to relocate antiques ,art , luxury wine and musical instruments.

A luxury moving company is going to cost you a bit more than standard professional movers. But there are some benefits that justify the higher price tag, including dedicated expertise in ensuring that your most expensive and/or irreplaceable household items end up at your new home safely and in one piece

How do you know if you’re better off going with the luxury pros? Here are five types of items that are best moved by a luxury moving company.

Antique Furniture

You may use that antique armoire just as much as you use your IKEA dresser, but just because something looks sturdy doesn’t mean it can easily hold up to the stress of a move. Over time, the materials used in antique furniture can degrade—not to the point of destruction necessarily, but in such a way that even the slightest bit of trauma can cause lasting damage.

A luxury moving company understands the ins-and-outs of wrapping and transporting antiques, art, luxury wine and musical instruments . Whether you’re looking to pass down the piece to a family member or just want to get more years of use out of it, save yourself the stress and opt for luxury movers.

Fine Artwork

Artwork in general can be  a bit of challenge to move, and when that art is particularly valuable you can’t afford to make a mistake. Any moving company is going to take special care with packing and/or transporting your artwork, but only a luxury moving company is going to have the specialty experience you want in handling art of high value.

Luxury moving companies are experts in non-traditional packing techniques that ensure your fine art gets the care it needs. This includes unique crating materials and procedures for everything from paintings to sculptures. It’s a small price to pay for the trust and knowledge that your art will arrive completely undamaged.

Wine Collections

All wine is not created equal. While you can get away with wrapping a couple bottles of Two-Buck Chuck in some packing paper and sticking them in the trunk of your car, the same can’t be said for a curated wine collection. The same conditions required to keep your wine collection safe in storage—including temperature and moisture control—are needed during your move. A standard moving company likely isn’t going to have the resources to do that.

With a luxury moving company, your wine collection gets the attention it needs to maintain its integrity on its way to your new home. Luxury movers will safely wrap each bottle, and will ensure that they do not undergo excessive shaking or temperature variations during transport. These are all critical steps, especially for finely aged collections.

Large Musical Instruments

You can probably get away with moving your flute, violin, or other small musical instrument in your car, but larger instruments like pianos and organs are usually better left to the luxury pros. A grand piano, for example, is understandably tricky to wrap, and even a small one can weigh upwards of 700 pounds. There are also lots of finely tuned little parts to account for (12,000 alone in that piano!), with each one needing to be handled with the utmost care and attention. That can be a lot to ask of your everyday moving companies.

Luxury movers are used to the challenges that large musical instruments and instrument collections pose, and they’re not going to be taken aback by the intricacies involved in moving them. You’ll get assurance that each part—yes, all 12,000 of them—will be handled with care.

Grandfather Clocks

Clocks are incredibly complex structures, and that goes double for grandfather clocks, which in addition to the standard mechanisms you would expect also have the presence of a swinging pendulum. Similar to musical instruments, grandfather clocks are composed of many delicate parts, all interconnected and all necessary for proper functioning.

A luxury moving company knows that you can’t just pick up and move a grandfather clock like you might be able to do with other large pieces of furniture. They also know that many of its component parts need to be removed from the clock itself and wrapped separately. For that reason, they’re almost always going to be the ones to trust with the job.

How Much Does a Luxury Moving Company Cost?

Now that you know the instances where you’ll likely want to hire a luxury moving company, let’s get into the basics of what that entails.

When it comes to cost, there’s no way to say for sure until you speak to a company itself. That’s because luxury moving services are personalized to your needs, and thus the end cost can vary greatly. A luxury moving company understands the ins-and-outs of wrapping and transporting antiques, art, luxury wine and musical instruments

Keep in mind that there are other benefits of a luxury moving company beyond just expertise in moving certain objects that make the splurge worth it. Many luxury moving providers offer additional perks like professional packing materials, specialty high-rise moving, and coordination with building management so that you can sit back and relax on moving day.

Some things are just worth spending more on. If you have valuable belongings to transport it may be worth hiring a luxury moving company to do it for you. As for where to start, give us a call for a free estimate

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