What to Expect from APIKA USA as Full Service Movers

movers carrying boxes

Not looking to do any work for your next move?

You’re in luck. As professional full service movers APIKA USA Moving company can handle all the tasks associated with your move . You can sit back, relax, and watch your to-do list dwindle down without having to lift a finger. It’s a great option for people who’d rather not take on the enormous job of moving . And for those who, for whatever reason, cannot handle the tasks of moving on their own. It’s certainly not the cheapest option. The amazing convenience provided by APIKA USA full service movers is pretty much always worth it. Below, we’ll go over what to expect from APIKA USA as full service movers.

What exactly we do as full service movers?

Simply put, as full service movers APIKA USA Moving will do everything associated with your move. This includes:

Supplying all packing materials and supplies. 

No need to make endless trips to the store for boxes, packing tape, paper, and bubble wrap. As full service moving company we supply everything that your move requires, including shipping supplies like furniture blankets and additional padding.https://apikausamoving.com/moving-supplies/

Packing up your belongings.

Packing is one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of moving, but it doesn’t have to be. Full service APIKA USA Moving company  will pack up your entire house for you. Our trained packers can get your belongings safely boxed up in a fraction of the time it might take you to do it yourself. They’ll also be able to expertly and securely pack up fragile and valuable items, such as glass and artwork.

Furniture disassembly.

Our full service movers will make sure all of your large, unwieldy, and/or heavy furniture makes it to your final destination intact. Part of this includes partial or full-disassembly of furniture as required (and reassembly when the time comes). 

Truck loading and unloading.

 Leave the heavy lifting to the pros. After packing up your home, our well-trained full service movers will load everything safely on to the truck, including any appliances that you’re bringing along with you. When you arrive at your new home, they’ll unload the truck as well.

Transporting your belongings.

 Whether you’re moving across the street or across the state, our full service movers will drive your belongings there for you. You’ll be provided with a delivery window for when your stuff will arrive so that all you have to focus on is getting yourself there to accept the shipment.


As professional full service moving company we don’t just pack up your home—we can unpack for you, too. While you focus on other tasks associated with settling in, our professional movers will make sure that everything goes where it’s supposed to. You provide the guidance, and they’ll handle the task itself.

Disposal of packing materials

 A move can leave you with dozens (or hundreds!) of cardboard boxes that need to be recycled, as well as other materials that need to be properly disposed—from plastic wrap to packing peanuts. APIKA USA full service movers can make sure everything gets disposed of in the correct way and will completely take care of the mess that you’re left with after all your belongings are unboxed.

Basically, if it’s part of a move, APIKA USA full service movers can take care of it for you. You’ll work with the professional full service movers to figure out an exact plan as well as what tasks you’d like us to handle.

How much will this all cost?

As you can expect, hiring a company to do all of the above tasks is going to cost more than hiring a company to do just one or two of them. Our free moving quote can help you figure out how much you might spend on a full service move based on how much you own and how far you’re moving. Ultimately, the more assistance you want or need, the more you’re going to pay. Your final price will depend on:

  • How many movers you require
  • Volume of stuff you have
  • How far the movers will need to travel
  • Whether or not you require packing materials
  • What tasks the movers do for you
  • The time of year you move (rates are often higher for the most popular days, times, and seasons to move, as well as on holidays)

You can cut costs by taking on some of the tasks yourself—for instance, having the movers pack, load, transport, and unload for you but taking care of all the unpacking and material disposal on your own.

How much time will a full service move take?

Packing and moving yourself can take days, even weeks, to accomplish. With our professional full service movers, you’ll have a set timetable and a better idea of how long from start to finish. This timetable will include:

Estimate and planning time. In order to give you the most accurate estimate possible, as full service moving company we will send relocation specialist to your house to take a general inventory of what’s there. Plan on a few days for this, as you likely won’t be able to get a same-day appointment for the walkthrough. The walkthrough itself should take about an hour.

Packing and furniture disassembly. Having a handful of our well- trained packers means that your belongings get prepared for transport significantly faster than you could do on your own. Figure that a three bedroom home will take full service movers about 2-3 hours to completely pack up.

Loading and unloading. Getting everything on and off the truck is actually one of the more simple tasks for our full service movers.

Unpacking. If you’re having our movers unpack for you, you can allot about the same amount of time for unpacking as they did for packing.

You’ll need to factor in the time for transport as well, which will be based on how far your movers have to travel.

As full service movers we provide the gold standard in moving services, and well worth the cost if you have the money to spend. Therefore if you’re looking to do as little work as possible for your next move contact us at 754 702 3601. Selecting the best movers for the job will be the most work you’ll have to put into your move.