Heavy Item Movers

  • Moving large items entails far more than lifting with your knees. Attempts to move heavy items by pedestrians constantly leads to costly accidents and even serious injury, regardless of the care and preparation put into moving furniture.
  • When moving heavy items into and out of homes or business our trained staff know how to ensure when transporting large items, nothing goes wrong. You don’t merely want to protect the items such as cast iron tubs, machines, etc. you also want to protect your walls, door frames, and yourself.
  • This requires a hand deft at moving heavy items from point A to B. Our large item movers work in logistics, determining every factor of a project, whether that’s getting your items into storage, across the state or just up the road.
  • We provide you with all-inclusive moving services that include upfront pricing and a fast and friendly level of customer service that is unparalleled. Trust us when we say it’s better to have heavy item movers get that item from one room to another, or transported for local or long distance. From appropriate packing to not getting walls scuffed, our professional movers treat your possessions and surroundings as if they were our own. 
  • Contact us today at 754 702 3601 to utilize our heavy item moving services.

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