Moving a pool table is like moving a piano – it’s tricky and requires knowledge, patience, and skill. Hiring a professional pool table mover to move your pool table as APIKA USA MOVING and/or help to reassemble it in your new home is a best choice. Lifting a pool table and transporting it from one place to another is out of the question. Our well-trained professionals disassemble the parts in order to properly move a game table.


  • Remove the pockets. The first step we need to take to move a pool table is to remove the side pockets. We will need a few simple tools to do this, depending on how the pockets have been affixed to the table.
  • Remove the rails. Using a wrench, unscrew the bolts holding the rails to the table and remove each rail.
  • Loosen the felt. How to remove the felt depends upon how it’s been laid on the base. . The felt will either be stapled (easiest to remove) or glued (not so easy to remove).
  • Remove the base. Unscrew the bolts holding the main base of the table onto the frame. We use power tools for this step.
  • Separate the frame from the legs. Underneath the base is a frame. Detach this frame from the legs.
  • Pack up the pool table. Now we got your table broken down into its main parts and we can pack them in the truck as other furniture. We using heavy duty furniture pads to protect finished wood, particularly on valuable pieces.
  • Pack up the table accessories. Place the pockets, balls, and any other accessories, along with standing cues in a large box.

Consider using APIKA USA MOVERS , a professional game table mover to assist or take care of the billiard table move for you. Moving a billiard table often gets overlooked as a special consideration during a move. If you don’t have the right tools, leave it to the professionals as APIKA USA MOVING, or encounter a block during the process, you may find it’s not worth the hassle to do this on your own.

Good Luck! If you need professional pool table mover call us at 754 702 3601.